Aluminium fences and gates


We manufacture fences and gates from aluminium profiles, painted in an electrostatic field, with a high resistance to weather.

Cuprolli Fence

Premium standards in materials,
design and technology.

The durability of the materials used and the professional workmanship insure a higher weather resistance for a long period of time.

  • Without welding
  • Painted in electrostatic field
  • Thermal applied paint
  • RAL color pallet
  • Mechanical fastening
  • Customizable dimensions
  • Superior quality stainless steel accessories
  • Option of installing Automatization

Complete services. A complete product.


We put into practice the ideas of our customers through specialized design and consultancy.


We take the measurements on site and pass on the exact data towards manufacturing for a perfect fence.


We manufacture the fence with quality materials and accessories, professional workmanship and following high standards.


We carefully package the panels and gates and we prepare them for delivery at the address where they will be assembled.


We assemble the fence with specialized teams, equipped with professional tools for quick and quality assembly.

Configuration of the fence

Customizable parts

  • The width of the slats can be between 30 and 150 mm
  • The distance between the slats can be between 0 and 60 mm
  • We offer 3 types of car gates: swinging, sliding, freestanding

Benefits of painting in electrostatic field

  • Trough the thermal treatment applied to the material; the paint has a very good adherence to the painted parts, and the exfoliation process is non-existent.
  • The paint is resistant to possible scratches or blows.
  • The covering of the painted profiles in uniform.

The most popular RAL colors

We use the RAL color pallet for painting fences

RAL 7042
RAL 7005
RAL 7016
RAL 9006
RAL 9016
RAL 3016
RAL 3009
RAL 8003
RAL 8004
RAL 8011
RAL 8017
RAL 8023
RAL 5010
RAL 5012
RAL 6000
RAL 6005

Why aluminium?

Aluminium Steel Stainless Steel Wood Plastic
fire retardant resistance check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon
density check-icon 270 g/m³ check-icon 800 g/m³ check-icon 800 g/m³ check-icon 650 g/m³ check-icon 200 g/m³
resistance to moisture check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon
direct electrostatic painting check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon
UV resistance check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon
resistance to oxidation check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon
mechanical processing check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon check-icon

Is widely used in industry due to its resistance to oxidation, good mechanical proprieties and low density. It is malleable and ductile.


Electrochemical oxidation - rust - appears when untreated steel is exposed to a series of element for a prolonged length of time. This weakens the cohesion of the metal and makes it fragile.

Stainless Steel

A time resistant material, with an oxidation (rust) proof chemical composition, but with a difficult mechanical processing.


The quality of the wood depends on the humidity of the climate. The variation of the water concentration below the saturation point determines changes to the structure of the wood.


The natural decomposition of plastic in the environment requires 500 years due to its constituent materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fence configurator

Cuprolli has developed the fence configurator where each client can obtain all desired information with a minimum number of steps.

Garduri aluminiu - Configurator gard

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